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Founded in 2005, SITKA® Gear was an idea born out of necessity. After hiking 3,000 vertical feet in the dark, with intermittent snow flurries and slush, the early morning climb ended behind a gnarled whitebark pine tree for shelter from the elements. Cold and sweaty after this climb, it was more than obvious that such discomfort was unnecessary. So it was that on this September morning, at the edge of the forest, surrounded by barking bulls, Sitka’s vision became reality. Drawing on a strong background in climbing, mountaineering, and backcountry assaults, expertise and experience focused on filling in the gaps that existed between these activities.

Sitka’s main objective is not only to fill the technological gaps that existed in the fabric, construction and shape of the product, but also to fully immerse itself in the development of new technologies and solutions for the modern outdoorsman. Our roots are in the mountains, but our solutions are very diverse.

True North Treestands


TNT’s tree stands are designed, tested and manufactured with quality of workmanship, ease of use, comfort, and above all, your safety in mind. For these reasons, among others, we are compliant members of the TMA (Treestand Manufacturers Association) and we also subscribe to IWS (Interactive Warning System).

Every TNT stand or ladder/climbing system has been tested and certified to TMA/ASTM standards. We are committed to ensuring that every TNT product is safe for the consumer, while striving to provide the highest level of protection to our dealers, distributors, outfitters and all partners who have chosen the TNT brand. True North Treestands offers a complete line of high quality tree stands, including free standing, ladder stands, self climbing, tower and cover kits, and quality accessories. So, no matter what geographic area you hunt in, or what type/model of stand you require/prefer, True North Treestands can provide you with the stand that meets your needs.

True North Treestands strives to be a leader and innovator in the industry, and we are committed to developing a range of tree stands that are the most practical for the user. We are committed to ensuring and maintaining the highest standards, staying true to our product design and identity, while preserving the values of our product design.
of our products.

Be assured that by choosing the TNT brand, your next hunting experience will be more enjoyable, comfortable and safe!