Hunting - MooseLocated in the heart of Quebec’s Abitibi region with an exclusive territory of 160 square miles Lake Suzie Outfitters is home to a high density moose population. The forest types and good logging management make Lake Suzie the outfitter of choice for moose territory in Quebec. We have two seasons for moose hunting, archery and rifle.

The bow hunting season begins mid September corresponding to the moose estrus period. For bow hunters Lake Suzie is the destination of choice. It is not uncommon to see several animals in a week. With our guided packages the success rate is high. All of our guides are archery moose hunters so they know how to position you so you can make your shot within a distance of 30 yards.


Items to bring for moose hunting

  • Passport –you cannot get into Canada or back to US without one.
  • Your weapon of choice – rifle, bow, or muzzleloader and needed ammo
  • Bedding – sleeping bag or sheets/blanket/pillow
  • Personal medications
  • Appropriate hunting clothes – depending on the season the temperatures can vary from the 70’s down to the 20’s in the same day, so dress in layers so you can adjust
  • Orange vest – it is the law here !
  • Rain suit – if your gear is not waterproof! It has been known to rain in moose season…
  • Boots – waterproof ! Moose like lakes, bogs, swamps, etc.
  • Game bags – unless you plan on eating the moose here…
  • GPS unit/compass – no explanation needed
  • Camera
  • First Aid kit
  • Alcohol – (BYOB) beer, wine, or spirits. We do not have it and the closest store is 20 miles or 45 minutes away, and the prices are high.
  • Flashlight – yes, it does get dark here at night…
  • Gun cleaning gear
  • SPARE BATTERIES- everything needs batteries, flashlights, cameras, GPS units, etc.


We don’t sale gaz so bring 2×5 gallons for your vehicule




Topographic Maps / Hunting Zones