Hunting - Black BearAt Lake Suzie Outfitters SPRING BEAR HUNT is one of our specialties. Our success rate is close to 100%. We hunt BEAR in an area of over 500 square miles of which 160 are exclusive to us. If you hunt with a bow, crossbow, or a firearm, we will customize your site for you.

Our sites are equipped with portable stands installed at distances that are right for you. Hunting is from stands or ground blind that are baited starting in early May and at distances of 10-20 yards for bowhunter and 30-75 yards for rifle hunters. We maintain over 45 sites for a maximum of 25 bear hunters.

In Abitibi region of Quebec its the only region with a BEAR manegement program so It is not uncommon to shoot bears from 250 to 450 lbs and some BEAR score Pope and Young. After your bear is killed it is skinned, quartered, and stored in our freezer for you to take to your taxidermist. Safety and success is our motto, whether on American or European plan we will work to make your stay an unforgettable stay.


Items to bring for bear hunting

  • Passport – cannot get into Canada or back to US without one.
  • Your weapon of choice, rifle, bow, crossbow or muzzleloader and necessary ammo
  • Bedding – Sleeping bag or sheets / blankets / pillow
  • Towel and facecloth, soap and shampoo scent free
  • Thermacell and spare cartridges and pads, mosquito coils, bug repellent
  • Personal medications and medication list in case of emergency
  • Bug suit and head net
  • Rain suit
  • Gloves, orange vest – It is the law here!
  • Duct tape – We will explain when you get here
  • Game bags – For meat and hide or extra coolers
  • ATV – Not necessary but allows you more freedom to come and go
  • First Aid kit
  • Alcohol – (BYOB) beer, wine or spirits. We do not have it and the closest store is 20 miles or 45 minutes away, and the prices are high.
  • Munchies – If you have a favorite, bring it.
  • Camera
  • Flashlight
  • Fishing gear – Fishing is included in the package, so you may want to bring a pole
  • Hunting and fishing licenses


Note: We don’t sale gaz or diesel, so bring 2×5 gallons for your vehicule.