FishingWalleye and Pike

Our territory is in the heart of Quebec, Abitibi region, and We have exclusive rights and access to more than 105 lakes. Several of our lakes are larger than 7 km. There you can pursue the elusive walleye and the great fighting northern pike. We have one lakes that are reserved for “catch and release”. You will catch in These lakes many trophies in size that will allow you to have an exceptional adventure with your family and friends. In these lakes we fish for northern pike over 30 pounds and walleyes over 10 pounds. you can take pictures before you release your trophies. Some of our lakes have not seen a fisherman in over 20 years, making Lake Suzie Outfitters a destination where the quality has been retained over the years.

Lake Suzie Outfitters is located in zone 13; therefore we do not have a size limit on walleyes imposed by provincial regulations. Our management plan for walleyes will guarantee the quality of the fishing in our lakes for decades to come, therefore you may keep your quota of walleye which are between 33 cm and 47 cm (13 to 18 inches).

At Lake Suzie Outfitters we offer several fishing packages tailored to your budget and family. We offer packages from 3 days to a week in both American and European plans.

In addition, in the month of July and August come enjoy our family discount packages. Several of our sites are designed to allow you to have a “shore lunch” with your family and enjoy your walleye or northern pike in a relaxing environment.

Our experienced guides will assist you during your trip to allow you to take advantage of this beautiful quality of fishing throughout your stay.



Items to bring for your fishing trip

  • Passport – cannot get into Canada or back to US without one
  • Sleeping bag or bedding –sheets/blanket/pillow
  • Personal medications and medication list in case of emergency
  • Fishing poles
  • Landing net – makes it easier to get them in the boat
  • Tackle box – Williams, daredevil , rapalla, thifin from storm 2in3/4 ,blue ,yellow,white,grey . deeprattlin from storm 1in3/4 same color, jig ¼ ounces red ,yellow white, rubber single tail black, white,yellow, chartreuse, worms, leatch
  • Life preservers – they are what their name implies
  • Fish stringer
  • Camera – without pictures nobody is going to believe you !
  • Bug repellent ,mosquito coils
  • First Aid kit
  • Alcohol – (BYOB) beer, wine or spirits. We do not have it and the closest store is 20 miles or 45 minutes away, and the prices are high.
  • Hat & sunscreen
  • Rain Suit
  • Flashlight – sometimes you just want to find something in the dark
  • Filet knives/fish cleaning implements/freezer bags – Hey, you never know !
  • Fish finder/Depth finder – because we all know fish are “sneaky”


We don’t sale gaz so bring 2×5 gallons for your vehicule.