Important Warning

The traveling informations generated by GoogleMaps and by almost every GPS systems are wrong. Be carreful to follow the following instructions to minimize your time traveling.


From Québec city

At Latuque take the 25 towards Parent. At the gas station at the entrance of Parent, turn right and follow the indications for Clova (92 km). At Clova, cross the railroad tracks and drive 1.5 km and follow the directions to Lac Suzie for 32 km and or the blue signs with white arrows. You will drive on a new road for about 20 km and then fall into an old road for 3-4 km. At the arch gate, you will arrive on the territory of the outfitter. Drive 14 km to the intersection, then continue straight for 1 km to the outfitter.

Last gas station in Parent or Clova.

Mont Laurier to Parent to Clova to Lac Suzie Route


From route 117 North in Mont-Laurier, take route 309 North up to Mont St-Michel. From Mont-St-Michel, drive 2 km. At Parent road, turn right and drive 168 km and follow Parent direction. At the gas station in Parent, turn left and follow Clova direction. Drive 92 km up to Clova. From Clova, turn left over the road rail track and drive 2 km and turn right at the Suzie sign and follow direction for 32 km. The first 14 km is an old road but a safe road.

Last gas station at Parent or Clova.

Road 29 

At km 378 sign in the La Vérendrye park, take route 29 east (1 km after camatose lake ) and follow the signs for zec festubert. After the zec festubert office ( logan st-pierre office ), drive 40 km to km 242. After 242 km at the T, turn right for 500 feet and then left to the outfitter (40 km). Last gas station is at Grand-Remous 
Before you leave, you can register by calling: 514-316-4470


Road 13  ( lépine road) 

After Grand-Remous, take route 13 east towards Clova. At km 156, turn left following signs for zec festubert . At km 174, turn right to the outfitter (40 km). Last gas station is at Grand-Remous 
IT IS IMPORTANT TO REGISTER AT ZEC CAPITACHOUANE. You can do so online by calling 514-316-4470.


Senneterre to Camp


At senneterre take the outfitter road, between marker 124 and 125 take the left to monet outfitter and lake suzie outfitter (white cabin on the hill). Drive 45 km and follow lake suzie sign to the camp.

Last gas station at Senneterre.